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Patricia Fagundes, entrepreneur

The Netherlands

"My coaching sessions with Carla were revealing. She has an inner aptitude for this task due to her communication skills and empathy with people. The enthusiasm when talking about this topic, the focus and assertiveness in the use of coaching tools - all that make her a qualified professional.

With a solid career in multinationals where she had leadership positions, Carla has the skills to guide people towards their goals. Along my change process, Carla was able in a positive manner to challenge me regarding the barriers that I was placing myself. Through coaching tools and talks we could together understand what was blocking me and then build strategies towards my goals.

She is very inspiring, intelligent, human. She has also a good sense of humor and kindness."


Priscila Borges ,

Sales Manager, Brazil

"Already in the first coaching session, Carla with all her kindness, commitment and patience, lead me to answers that were key for me to understand my values and purpose. At each session, I am able to amplify my choices and dreams!"