Why Core Energy Coaching can help you in your change process?

There are some people that enjoy changes and get excited with new possibilities. However, for many people, changes can be stressful or even scary.

When you leave your “comfort zone”, the “known” and you have to experience the “unknown”, uncertainty, situations that are less predictable - that can lead to more adrenaline and too much worry. Quite no one likes to face undesired surprises, right?

Changes can also mean the end of a phase in your life. You can quit your job, you can finish an important relationship or you can be changing to live in another country for example.

Sometimes things end with a “failure” and other times with a “success”. Either way, most of the people are not ready for the cycle to end. People can resist change because of fear, future uncertainty or even lack of hope.

Core Energy Coaching is an integral part of iPEC’s methodology and begins with a simple premise: All people are continually experiencing energy, in one of two ways postulated by Bruce D Schneider, founder of iPEC: catabolic or anabolic energy. Anabolic energy is constructive, expanding, fuelling, and creative, and works for a person. Conversely, catabolic energy is destructive, draining, or resisting and works against a person. The type of energy we experience fluctuates throughout the day and inside of situations. However, because of our attitude and the way we interpret our life experiences, we wind up experiencing the same type of energy over and over again.

As many people get stuck in draining, catabolic energy, iPEC coaches are trained to help them raise their energy levels and become more aware of their actions and choices. As a result of this shift to anabolic energy, they’re more apt to inspire others, more open to innovation and possibility, and far better able to pursue goals and find fulfilment in their lives.

The ELI is a 70-item, web-based assessment that leads people through rating themselves on their beliefs, self-perceptions, emotional reaction tendencies, and behaviour patterns. The questionnaire is designed to measure the amount of anabolic and catabolic energy in a person’s core energy makeup, under both ideal and stressful circumstances. The more a person can reduce catabolic energy and increase anabolic energy, the higher their core energy will be.

As people gently make these shifts with their Core Energy Coach, their self-confidence increases, self-esteem expands, and as a result they feel highly motivated to succeed. As they explore their deepest passions and motivators, a formula for radical and sustainable success is set in motion.

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