Who are you? Reflections from my Mindfulness Classes

Everything in our lives has its own time to happen and then go….

To open space for new things to meet us and teach us.

Life is a constant change.

When we understand it, it is just easier to cope and move on.

There is time for hard work, for fun, for peace, for pain, for loss, for love… and so on...

The sum up of all of these experiences make us who we are and when we bring awareness, make us choose who we want to be.

Our perceptions from any situation and our level of awareness in the moment will determine how we will react to life.

Some people would say that we have in life “good” moments and “bad” moments.

It took me some years to find out that we don’t need to be attached to any of these moments “good” or “bad”. We just need to practice living 100% in the moment; when we are on the experience. That can bring us peace and joy.

We can keep good memories, but there is no need to be holding on them… If you hold on, you may not realize that you don’t open doors for the new experiences to come.

The same applies for the “bad” experiences we may face.

We will learn that the sooner we are able to forgive or to accept whatever was the experience that life brought to us; the best it will be for us to be fully engaged again.

Keeping on ruminating on the past, will just steal our time to move on and build something new and relevant.

Focus on the learning, ask yourself: what can I learn from this experience?

Let the past rest in peace.

Make peace with it.

Surrender to what was.

Don’t focus on what you think is still missing, on the contrary,

Be grateful for everything you have.

You will sooner or later realize that you have enough.

Embrace everything that life has offered you;

The “good” and “bad”, you will realize that there is not such a thing.

There are just experiences to be lived and we can always learn from it.

Embrace the “good” moments, remember why they mattered to you.

Remember the good moments, but don’t stick to them.

Remember the qualities you have and want to keep. Show up with them.

Embrace the “bad” moments as well.

Maybe the things didn’t happen the way you wished, maybe there was pain and loss.

Who has never had that?

Pretending that “bad” things never happened or pretending that you can’t feel pain is not helpful. It will come to the surface one day.

Reflect why the “bad” moments mattered to you. Do they still matter?

Face the “bad” experiences from the past, look to what happened kindly, in a more gently way with yourself and with others.

All of us in any moment of our lives felt a difficult emotion too.

We are all humans and we are all vulnerable in some way.

Take time to make peace with your vulnerability.

Make peace with whatever experience still holds you from moving on.

Take time to “clean” your home.

Your home is inside YOU.

Take some time of stillness per day to just be with YOU.

Be kind. Be patient. You will find the real YOU.

You can only present yourself authentic and true to yourself, if you clean your home.

To uncover the real YOU, you may face the difficult emotions, embrace them; then, you will meet the greater emotions, the beauty inside you.

You will realize that you are much more than what you think you are.

You will be able to understand that you are perfect the way you are.

There is no need to be so judgmental about yourself and others.

You will be able to find the hidden confidence, the fearlessness that inhabit you.

You will realize that you don’t need to prove anything to anyone;

You are enough, you just need to be you, dream big and act with wisdom.

Who are you?

Love, Carla.

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