What is the correlation in between awareness and performance?

Awareness is key for changes and improving performance.

Each one of us see what we want to see, even without being conscious about that.

When two people look at a same situation, they literally see different things because they are seeing the events with their own filters and lenses built along their past experiences, beliefs and values. These lenses and filters are a reflection of the perceptions we have about our experiences and thus are unique.

If we are aware, we can discern what is really happening in the moment versus what our mind’s interpretations and judgments of what is happening. In this sense, we can understand what is true for us maybe is not the real “Truth”. When we are aware, we have the freedom to choose to answer in a different manner and create a different result; we have the choice to act instead of automatic react.

By expanding our awareness, you can become much more aware of what helps you to perform at your best once you will have much more information about your mental model, your beliefs, internal blocks, emotions, etc. To be aware in the moment amplifies your choices. This is very visible mainly when someone is under stress. Under this condition, we tend not to see clearly, we don’t see all possibilities that are available for us; it is as if our vision is blurry.

Some tools that you can use to increase your self-awareness can be Mindfulness, for example. If you don’t have time, patience or even is not acquainted with this practice, another tool that you can do is journaling. You can observe yourself and write some notes along a period of time, let’s say one week.

Some questions for your own reflection and “journaling” are:

· What am I feeling in this moment?

· Which emotions am I experiencing at this moment? Which kind of situations trigger my emotions and made me automatically emotionally respond?

· What kind of thought am I thinking at this moment? Are they positive or negative?

· When am I performing at my best? Which things are working well and which kind of things distract me from my reaching my goals?

· When do you feel pressure? Which effects this brings to you?

· What inside you supports you to perform at your best? And what drains you?

· Which external things support you to perform at your best? Which external things limit your performance?

This article was inspired by my learning at IPEC coaching course.

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