Slow down and Enjoy the Journey!

Slow down and Enjoy the Journey!

One of my objectives for 2020 is to write about some of my "life learning". The main purpose of this is to reflect on some of my experiences and thoughts and be able to grow with it. Additionally, I want to share these writings with whoever is open to read, comment or share their own experiences as well. “Everyone is a teacher and a student” - if we are open to it! There is no judgment, right or wrong, no attachment to" likes", "dislikes", opinions or even results. Yes, there is the real will to become “a better me” and who knows maybe contribute to make the world a better place if other people can also enjoy, reflect on their own experiences and become more conscious, thus being more authentic and happier.

Ok, today I want to comment on how most of us are so driven by achieving results that we may be forgetting to enjoy the journey. I first heard about this some months ago in my coaching course, but today I had a real experience related to this and better understood what it can mean, at least from my point of view!

We have spent the last New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro as my husband’s family live in here. Therefore, the first thing to do on January 1st is to walk around Rodrigo de Freitas’ lagoon - of course after so much eating and you know - the weight in consciousness... I had done this quite 8 kms walk for many times along the years and my objective was always to complete the ride in a good timing to lose some calories and be strong to withstand the hot weather that I am not so used to and my "low blood pressure” somehow makes that difficult. This year, I started to walk and the sun was shining and really hot as usual. However, instead of concentrating myself in how to withstand the weather and complete successfully the ride, I felt something different inside me. I was appreciating the beautiful landscape, the “Christ, the Redeemer”, I stopped some times to take some pictures, I was listening to the noise of the cars in the street, but there was also birds singing, the soft wind around me, I continued my ride with such a gratitude feeling, such a peace feeling inside.

When my turn along the lagoon was over, I realized that I did not spend all the time focusing on how to resist the hot weather and my thoughts were not on " I need to complete the ride” . In fact, it took more time than usual, however, it was much more pleasant and joyful. I was really present while doing it!

Extrapolating this experience to our daily routines, my conclusion was that many times, we are so focused in completing and overcoming the hurdles to achieve our goals that we may be losing some opportunities to be enjoying the journey to achieve them! Sometimes the learning and experiences along the journey can be even more relevant than achieving the goals in itself.

How true is that for you? Have you ever thought that sometimes "less is more”, that slowing down sometimes can bring you richer life learning that maybe you never noticed before?

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