Coronavirus and Meditation: Can it be an opportunity to get started?

In the midst of this madness that we are living because of the coronavirus, I observed several reactions and attitudes: until a few days ago, there were many people who totally ignored the situation and pretended that nothing was happening, that it was all an exaggeration. There are others panicking and who already say it's the end of the world and there are also several conspiracy theories circulating on our social media.

These are times of uncertainty and uncertainty generates fear in people. Fear is an anticipation of something negative that may happen and is born from a need for self-preservation. That is, fear is a response of the mind to protect us from possible pain. One of the greatest fears that exists is precisely the fear of the unknown. The fact is that fear generates a negative energy in us and distracts us from what we have to do at the moment, sometimes even leaves us totally paralysed.

I wonder, what's the point of all this going on? What can we take away as learning? How can we maintain our sanity?

We have to act with intelligence and responsibility at this time; thinking about what is best for the collective and not just for ourselves. How much of our actions can influence others?

The most recommended so far was social isolation, to be "retired"at home.

I think it's an excellent opportunity for human beings to think about this lockdown not only from the point of view of "to be struggling being lockdown at home", but also how to get acquainted with your inner-self, learn to meditate in some way, to feel good with yourself despite what's going on out there.

I'm not saying it's easy to meditate. I started my journey three years ago when I moved to Holland and felt alone, vulnerable, kind of lost. Meditation helped me get to know myself better, without masks, with my qualities and defects, helped me to feel good with myself despite my vulnerability. Who has no faults? Who's perfect all the time? Who can't make any error? It was and still is an excellent tool to rescue what I have best to offer, my real essence and understand that negative thoughts come and go all the time and that we are able to observe them, and we do not need to identify with them.

Many times we think that we are our thoughts, but in meditation you realize that you are an infinite source of love and wisdom and that yes, because you are human, you experience periods that are not so pleasant or nice, that you have thoughts that are not "noble"; many times it can be destructive and judgmental; you can doubt about your own potential.

Nevertheless, we are much more than these thoughts and we have so much to offer to the world! Getting started can be difficult, it can be tedious. I started with 10 min a day and sometimes at the beginning I thought it was a waste of time. Sometimes I looked at my watch after 3 min and said, "OK, that’s enough for today!" However, over time, with kindness awareness, I began to connect with myself, and actually, I practice 30 min a day.

It is difficult to explain in words what I believe should be experienced. (By the way, I’ll be giving lessons to anyone who wants to practice in the near future.)

For those interested, there are several free apps where you can try some guided meditations. I recommend at first the short ones. One step at a time!

And how to make meditation a habit? (I'll write more about it later).

Firstly, I invite you to ask yourself: How would you like to show up in the future? What gifts and qualities would you like to feel inside?” If you visualize yourself more self-conscious, more balanced, calmer and better dealing with stress, then meditation can be a tool for you! Imagine you being this person and the benefits it would bring to your life.

Secondly, make a small commitment, like 2 min a day right after a daily activity that is more convenient for you, like right after waking up, or after brushing your teeth to sleep... Associate this activity with another activity that you do automatically every day.

"You can't calm the outside storm. What you can do is calm yourself. The storm will pass."

This virus can teach us to be better people, more respectful and kind to the others, less selfish, it invites us to change perspective from a more individualistic thought (my success, my business, what is better for me, “fuck the others, myself and my family comes first") to a more collective thinking (we are all going through the same experience, what is best for everyone? what's best for the planet? How can I help everyone go through this?).

At this point, it will not help to keep wondering and worrying how much the economy will be affected, if I will have a job, if I will catch the virus, if someone I know, and love will die. If...??

All this will generate more fear, more rumination and distract you from what you can do at this moment. But if these thoughts come through your mind, which is normal and understandable, take a deep breath, accept them, but don't identify yourself with them. (read more about acceptance here).

Keep doing what is most expected from you: Be responsible!

(Read more about conscious choices here!)

Keep your head straight and move on!

Lots of love and wisdom, Carla.

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