Individual Sessions with Carla

The Process


The focus of my practice is to empower people who are very stressed, anxious and distracted to reduce the internal noise in order to improve their overall well-being, engagement, clarity and performance. 


You're here because you are feeling stressed and with a significant level of internal noise.


When we are experiencing continuous stress, our energy is being drained and our potential is limited.

We can feel somehow stuck and confused. Life becomes a daily obligation.


Deep down you, you know you could live easier, feeling more whole.


I believe that every human being is complete, integrated and possesses an inner wisdom and strength to live fully. Often, this wisdom is clouded by our life experiences and beliefs that we take as absolute truths.


I will be by your side offering mental and emotional support, through some techniques such as coaching, yoga, mindfulness and neuroscience, I will guide you so that we can redefine your relationship with stress creating a healthy environment in order you can effect changes in your life in a sustainable way; living to your fullest potential.


Coaching is an individual process, because each person is unique and there is no “cake recipe” that suits everyone. Although several common topics appear, each person has their own truth and ends up finding what is best for them.


Some common topics are related to:

  • Setting healthy boundaries

  • Time management / Energy Management

  • Self-Care

  • Communication 

  • Dealing with Relationships and Conflicts

  • Dealing with Changes

  • Authenticity


The learnings, insights and techniques you'll gain can always be used in your life.

Atendimento - Carla Camargo