Energy Leadership™ Index (E.L.I) assessment and debrief

You can call it energy, motivation or lenses by which we perceive the world.

These lenses create our views, perceptions and beliefs about any and all aspects of life.

Understanding which lenses you use most to see the world will allow you to learn a lot about your attitudes and level of motivation and stress. This way, you'll get a clear assessment of where you are right now and where you can go!

Each of the 7 Energy Levels (or Lenses) has its own purpose.

Some levels are associated with the stress you put into your life, while other levels are related to more effectiveness and satisfaction.


Find out what your average energy level is, how it applies to your life, and how to make it work FOR  you, not AGAINST you.



Are you ready to understand how stress affects you, gain more clarity and motivation?

If YES, then this Mini-Package is perfect for you!


* Assess the ELI tool and receive your report

*75 min evaluation session

*60 min coaching session

The Energy Leadership Index Assessment shows your degree of energy/motivation in relation to your life and how you respond to stress.

In the feedback session, you'll have clarity about what thoughts and behaviors are serving you, as well as identify areas of opportunity for growth and development.

In the coaching session, you will have support in creating an action plan to work confidently toward your goals.