I do believe that when people act wisely and purposefully, the world can be a better place to live and work!

My intention is tow work in 2 pillars:



My purpose is to support you to reconnect with your own values and find YOUR success formula to live a more balanced, happier and purposeful career and life.

  • Use tools to improve your self-awareness, get clear on what you want and increase motivation 

  • Improve your decision-making process

  • Improve your confidence and communication skills

  • Improve your productivity and leadership skills


The meaning of leadership has evolved over the years.  

In order to organizations to be healthy and sustainable in long term, we need more "balanced "leaders. 

Formal and strong education is not enough anymore. We need leaders that develop new skills such as emotional intelligence, resilience and act wisely. 

  • Companies that wants to humanize their organizations and have people leading with natural wisdom, which comes from forming teams based on empathy and teamwork and not competition.

  • Companies that value a healthy workplace where employees can thrive and not survive.​

  • Companies that want to create a culture of wellbeing and balance. This is an investment with high returns as the business performance will improve when your workforce is motivated and engaged.

Coaching with Carla Camargo

If you are going through any transition and wish to improve any area of your life or career, coaching with me might be the right thing to support you!

We know that changes can be complex as there are many uncertainties and aspects that can generate stress and insecurity, being difficult to take some decisions. On the other hand, to leave our comfort zone can be a great opportunity for learning and personal growth.




Coaching Session

Energy Leadership™ Index (E.L.I) Assessment and Debrief




Ugochi Bede

Human Resources Manager, Nigeria

"A truly special coach, whose intuition and connection have not only helped me in my discovery of self, emotions and awareness; but has helped start my journey towards transformation... "

Priscila Borges ,

Sales Manager, Brazil

"Already in the first coaching session, Carla with all her kindness, commitment and patience was able to lead me to answers that were key for me to understand my core values and purpose. At each session I am able to amplify my choices and dreams!"

Remko Overdam,

 The Netherlands

"From a genuine, curious, passionate and sharp questions, Carla helped me to raise awareness to take decisions. In addition, working with Carla was also simply fun! "

Stay tuned with my posts!

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