About Me

Hi, I am Carla! 


I am Brazilian and I am living in The Netherlands since August 2017 when I followed my husband's expatriation.

Despite the fact that I saw this as a huge opportunity for all my family, I liked my former profession. Without my job and the connections I was used to, I felt empty, lonely and somehow lost. I lost my sense of purpose and had to find a way to reconnect.


I also realized that due to the nature of my husbands job that moving again at some point was a real thing... and just like life, there is no certainty of where and when I will be, so I had to look within to find a way to deal with uncertainty, anxiety and find more meaning in my new life.

In this search inside myself, I feel as I woke up!

I started to practise mindfulness, yoga and enrolled in many courses related to well-being. As a result of this process, I started to volunteer and support other women that were going through too much stress and feeling disengaged.

This has lead me to launch my coaching and mentoring business where I help people to improve their overall well-being, manage stress, deal better with changes, set healthy boundaries and take care of themselves. 



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