I am Brazilian graduated in Chemical Engineering and Msc in Marketing and Administration. 

I have 25 years of professional experience in senior leadership positions in leading multinationals. Along my career, I have had different roles but mostly in Sales and Marketing areas.

I live in The Netherland since august 2017, following my husband’s expatriation and saw this move as a great opportunity to our family and myself!  

Here I experienced an important change in my personal and professional life

Despite the fact that I saw this as a huge opportunity for all my family, I liked my former profession. Without my job and the connections I was used to, I felt empty, lonely and somehow lost. I lost my sense of purpose and had to find a way to reconnect.


I also realized that due to the nature of my husbands job that moving again at some point was a real thing... and just like life, there is no certainty of where and when I will be, so I had to look within to find a way to deal with uncertainty; anxiety, how I really wanted to show up in life and live more purposefully.

In this search inside myself, I feel as I woke up!

I questioned my values, I realized that I was neglecting some other important aspects of my life as more quality time with my family and my own health as I had poor exercise and suffered from insomnia. I sensed how much I was driving my sense of worthiness in my work. I was living in automatic mode, "doing" a lot and not having time to "being".

As a result of this process, I became more present in the moment, confident, authentic, accepting of my own style. I found out my success formula to feel happy and fulfilled.


This has lead me to launch my coaching business where I help people that are going though major transitions and experiencing stress to find a way to reconnect to their values and lead their lives more wisely; becoming more productive and balanced.


My work with leaders is to support them to show up more authentic, more inspiring, more confident. For most people, developing a leadership style takes time and comes through experience, self-reflection and always with a clear understanding of one’s goals


C4U Consulting & Coaching


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